Identify And Stop Threats Before They Unfold With TrapWire’s ‘Intelligent Security’ Program


With state-of-the-art technology on your side, unanticipated criminal and terror events can be a thing of the past. That’s because very few of these activities ever happen without some type of early-warning or clues. Criminals and terrorists often prepare for their actions and take predictable steps toward nefarious goals. If you’re a security professional whose job entails looking out for such criminal activity and thwarting it, then TrapWire is an essential addition to your toolbox. This cloud-based system provides the ability to proactively monitor your threat environment and to make sense out of seemingly random events and data. How is this possible and, more importantly, how can you deploy this program at your facility to “Get Left of Boom?” Read on to learn about TrapWire’s practical applications and next-generation security solutions that still keep you in control.

When initially inquiring about TrapWire, many potential clients wonder if it is applicable to their industry. While the U.S. Department of Defense, state and local police, and many Fusion Centers are all users of this program, contrary to some erroneous on-line reporting, TrapWire is not a government entity. This private company was founded by subject matter experts in 2004 to provide improved counter-terror security for US crticial infrastructure. Since then, the TrapWire system has evolved into an “all crimes” tool that is currently being used to track organized crime, human trafficking, crimes against children, fraud and many other types of criminal activity. And TrapWire is not just supporting government operations; other clients include energy, finance, hospitality and transportation sectors, to name a few. TrapWire provides a common operating platform that allows both the public and private sector to capture, analyze and share critical threat data. All of this done in a secure, encrypted environment that is currently undergoing FedRAMP certification by the U.S. Department of Defense.

As a cloud-based system, TrapWire leaves little to no technological footprint at your site. The system can ingest data from your current security systems such as CCTVs, CAD, RMS and LPRs. TrapWire’s “Intelligent Security Method” is designed to complement your existing security infrastructure to detect indicators of criminal planning. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, advanced analytical tools, and human analysts, TrapWire is able to help you separate the signal from the “noise” that exists in your AOR.  Those seeking to learn more about this cutting edge technology are encouraged to visit this website often for updates and  the latest news on TrapWire successes.